Every Extend

It’s weird. I like to think that I have a pretty firm grip on what kinds of games I’ll like. I also like to think that I can see through the layers of crap I find on the various websites and can distill it down to get to the information that I really need. So, for weeks I found information floating around the Internet telling me that Every Extend was a pretty good game, and for some reason, I believed it.

Every Extend is a game about blowing stuff up, which is normally pretty awesome. You slowly travel down a tunnel and have to blow yourself up to destroy the enemies in the tunnel. Each time you blow up costs you a life, but if you take enough enemies with you, then you get an extra life. You continue on like this until you run out of lives.


The game’s original, I’ll give it that. But, unfortunately, in this case, ‘original’ means really boring. I played the game for about five minutes and got extremely bored. I’m not really sure how the folks behind this took all the fun out of recklessly blowing stuff up, but they sure did.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Download it and bore yourself if you have five minutes you don’t want back.

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