Blast Corps

I only played Blast Corps twice, both times were when a friend rented the game and forced me to come over and check it out. My memory of the game might be a bit fuzzy, then. But from what I remember of the game you take control of a demolition crew who has to wreck everything in the path of a truck hauling a particularly powerful bomb. See, the truck’s somehow gone out of control and if it collides with anything it blows up, destroying civilization (and, more importantly, ending the game).

You get to go around the various regions in the truck’s path, using whatever vehicles have been left at your disposal, and destroy enough buildings that the truck can go through unscathed. Then you have the option of trying over for a faster time, destroying everything in the region, or moving on to the next.

I would have probably purchased this game if I’d had the opportunity. Unfortunately, since I didn’t actually play it until after it had gone out of print, I didn’t really seize the opportunity to do so. So, now all I have is the occasional video to remember the game by.

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