Super Smash Bros.

I can distinctly remember being bored a lot when I was in school, so I did things that any normal person would do: I created a lot of bad video game ideas, complete with backstories, maps, and diagrams. Fortunately, all of that effort is now lost to the Mists of Time, but I also kicked around the idea of combining together some of my favorite games to make some kind of Dr. Frankenstein-esque super game. This generated quite a bit of discussion around the lunch room tables, each of us throwing in our picks and such. Years later it became apparent that someone at Nintendo was doing the same thing and actually had the means to do something about it. They took some of their most memorable characters from some of their most popular games (also Earthbound) and threw them into an all-out fighting game.

Smash is essentially a Nintendo fanboy’s dream. The best characters pummeling each other to decide who’s the best? Sign me up!

Actually, this game is just about the perfect party game. Four people can play at once, and the controls are very easy to learn. You can just mash buttons and play somewhat effectively, though I don’t really know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing (Although the name “Super Smash Button Mash” seemed to stick pretty well). But it moves fast, and is almost always entertaining to watch, even when the action is so fast and muddled that you can’t tell what’s going on.

Sometimes, perhaps even more so.

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