Neverwinter Nights

I’m only just familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and I only know a couple of people who are. I thought about trying to learn about the game, but the rulebooks are quite the investment if you don’t really plan on using them for more than just reading through them a couple of times. So, I decided to get the next best thing, a game that took care of all the Dungeon Mastering and the Dice Rolling for me.

Neverwinter Nights is more than just a game. It’s a toolkit that you can use to create your own campaigns, and it’s a tool to use to play through them with friends without having to lug around all of those cumbersome dice, character sheets, and rule books. It also comes with quite the lengthy single-player campaign, taking you through an adventure trying to save the world from some kind of Mysterious Plague(tm).

I made quite the effort to complete the included campaign when I first bought this game (on release day, no less). I made a bit of progress before my hard drive does what my hard drive does and I lost my game save. So I tried again and just couldn’t get motivated.

A couple of years later and several more campaigns and expansions were released. Expansions that I thought that I’d like to try, but never went out and got. A bit later than that, however, a package came out that had all of the expansions with the original game for some crazy low price. So I got that and installed it, ready to finally tackle the game and clear it off my ‘to do’ pile.

It should be noted that the game is still on my pile, and that I’m still ready to take it on. Just… not right this instant.

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