Resident Evil

Since I only came into possession of an original Playstation system, I missed out on a lot of its landmark games. So when Resident Evil was remade for the Game Cube, a system I actually owned, I jumped at the chance to finally play it.

The original game was a campy, gory story of a zombie outbreak. The new version loses some of the camp, adds some more gore, and succeeds at being really creepy.

The story goes something like this: there is a zombie outbreak, you take the role of either Chris or Jill (members of an elite military group, natch) and try to figure out what’s going on. En route to investigate the problem, and to figure out what happened to the other elite military group that was sent in to investigate first, the group is chased down by zombie dogs into a creepy mansion in the middle of the creepy woods. From there, they try to unravel the mystery and get out alive. It goes without saying that this game is quite violent and not for the kiddos.

What you’re going to notice almost right away is that to proceed, you’re going to have to solve some puzzles. The solutions to the puzzles range from the straightforward (put the key in the keyhole), to the slightly less obvious (wind the clock to open a secret panel), to the ridiculous (play Moonlight Sonata on a conveniently placed piano to open a door).

You’re also going to notice that this game looks amazing, especially for the Game Cube. It really adds to the atmosphere. Go ahead and play it at night, with all the lights turned off. Bonus points if it’s a rainy night.

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  1. [...] once the remake of the first game came out, decide to try my hand at the series and found it to be pretty awesome. So when the fourth game on the series was coming to the ‘Cube, it was a no-brainer to pick [...]

  2. [...] This is one of the few games that really freaked me out a little bit. I think the real reason I was on edge all the time was because Jason was pretty scary to my preteen mind, and he could be literally anywhere at any time to jump out and attack you. So when you were running low on health (which I was a lot), meeting him was definitely not something that you wanted to happen. Now that I’m a bit older and (hopefully) more composed, I should probably try and play that game again. I doubt there’s going to be anything in there now that’s more creepy than the stuff I saw in Resident Evil. [...]

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