The House of the Dead 2

The original House of the Dead game was a pretty fun game. I mean, what could be better than shooting hordes of zombies in a mansion? Why, shooting hordes upon hordes of zombies in a city, of course!

You take control of one of two new mysterious agents of the equally mysterious organization ‘AMS’ and have to figure out what’s going on.

The game is a whole lot like the older one. You run through the city, shooting most things that move (try to not shoot the innocents, m’kay?). There’s still the branching paths depending on who you shoot and who you save, no big deal.

But, oh man, the voice acting in this game is on a whole other level. I don’t think the people who did the voices in this game actually speak English. It’s like they were given a phonetic pronunciation guide for English words, and then were given some muscle relaxers before the recording session.

Yeah, the story makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but the voice acting in this game clinches it for me. I can’t tell if the game is supposed to be serious or not. Due to the fact that I can hardly keep a straight face when the ladies in distress scream, “Don’t come! Don’t come!” make me think that it’s not supposed to be taken just too seriously.

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