Goldeneye 007

It’s true, I’m one of the few folks that bought a Nintendo 64 and didn’t buy Goldeneye. The game that I heard time and again was the greatest game on the console. The game that I still hear about today when fans talk about what game they’d most like to see on the Virtual Console or Xbox Live Arcade. Of course, neither of those things is likely to happen, and that suits me fine.

Goldeneye follows the plot of the Goldeneye James Bond movie, which I also haven’t seen. But the gist of the game is that you go through the various parts of the movie through the eyes of Mr. Bond himself completing whatever ridiculous objectives are thrown in your way.

I played the demo of this game a few times, and just couldn’t get into it. The big problem that I had was that the controls were a little wonky. I just couldn’t wrap my head around trying to move around with one thumb and aiming with the other. I just found it clunky, and not a lot of fun when I was dieing all the time.

But people assure me that it’s the finest Nintendo 64 game ever made. That it’s the best example of blocky guys shooting each other with heavy artillery you can find on the console, or possibly any console before or since. Which are both statements that I can’t really endorse, at least not while my palm lies here ungreased.

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  1. Huh… even I liked playing this game. Not that I ever played it a lot or did much else but die frequently.

  2. basscomm says:

    Yeah, later on I played it against a friend of mine who was way better than I was, and ended up with me dieing a lot, which I thought might have biased me against this game. But I did give Perfect Dark a try, which is kind of like a sequel without all of the James Bond bits, and didn’t like it much either.

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