Harley’s Humongous Adventure

Harley’s Humongous Adventure was a very peculiar game, not merely because the characters are animated with digitized stop-motion animation, but from the subject matter. Harley, a scientist, managed to shrink himself down to bite-size and in the process break his shrinking machine into pieces that inexplicably wind up in various rooms in his house.

I did not know this before I started this game, but when you’re small, things become exponentially more dangerous. The tops of tin cans fly off and hit you, thumbtacks are always sitting on the ground point-up, Bunsen burners are always shooting impressively tall flames, etc.

Your goal is to search in and around Harley’s house for the missing parts of the shrinking machine, reassemble them, and get back to adult-scientist-in-a-green-jumpsuit-size. Inexplicably, each and every piece of the machine is guarded by a large mouse that you have to fight. In each battle you blow off one of its extremities and it scurries off to guard the the next piece, replacing what you blew off with whatever household item it finds along the way.

I only rented the game twice, and was never actually able to restore Harley to his normal size. I was, however, able to blow off the mouse’s arms, legs, and face. That made me feel good inside.

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