Kirby’s Avalanche

I only bought Kirby’s Avalanche because it was compatible with the Super Nintendo XBand, and I was aching for a new game to play on it (but that’s another article). Mostly, I bought it because I managed to find a copy for around $20.

Kirby’s Avalanche is one of the many games in the ’sort things that fall from the sky’ puzzle sub-genre. This time, you’re sorting little blobs of colored jelly (they’re called ‘Puyos’ in the games that this is based off of). Blobs of the same color glom on to each other, and when four or more of them stick together they disappear. Depending on which mode you’re playing you have either one or two goals. The first goal is to continuously clear the screen so that it does not fill all the way up, if the third column from the left fills up, then it’s game over. By way of strategic blob-laying you can create chains of clears for Super Bonus Points ™. In two player mode, and in the Inexplicable-Story Mode, creating these chains will cause ‘garbage blobs’ to rain on your opponent. Your goal is to make their third column from the left fill up so that they lose.

With enough practice you will be able to make monster chains before your opponent can think, which makes the games go by quicker, and ensures that nobody will want to play with you anymore.

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