Admit it, you don’t know what a Qix is. It’s OK, most people don’t. That’s what I’m here for, I’m here to help.

Qix is both the name of a game and the name of an entity in said game. It’s an early puzzle-type game that’s deceptively simple. The Qix is a thing made up of roughly parallel lines that moves erratically around a large square. You posses the ability to lay down straight lines to try and stake out a claim on the area not currently occupied by the Qix. Your goal is to bring a certain percentage of the area under your control by drawing lines while simultaneously avoiding the Qix and the Sparx (other enemies that follow the perimeter of the screen and eventually the lines you’ve drawn).

You can draw two kinds of lines, Fast and Slow. Your marker is vulnerable to the Qix while drawing, making it much riskier to utilize the Slow Draw, but you get more points (such choices!). Once you claim enough of the area, the stage is reset, the enemies move faster, and you have less time before you get chased by the Sparx. It’s a game of endurance and planning, with a little bit of reflexes involved. Amazingly enough it still holds up after over 25 years. Well, it holds up to the extent that I wouldn’t mind spending a quarter on it now and again.

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