Denki Blocks

As you may have noticed, I’m a sucker for a good puzzle game. I’m not particularly good at them, but I like playing them, especially if they’re a little more off the wall than ’sort the things falling from the sky by color’. No, Denki Blocks is different. You get to slide multi-colored bricks around a playfield to sort the colored blocks.

See? Way different.

To conceptualize Denki Blocks, pretend you have a large, square plate. On this plate you have different colored blocks that only stick to blocks of the same color. If you tilt the plate in one of the four cardinal directions, all of the blocks on the plate move in unison in that direction, and like colors stick together. Your goal, then, is to make all of the blocks of each color stick together, as doing so will clear the stage.

Stages get progressively more difficult as you move along through the game, which really means that the starting points and the shapes of the blocks gets more ridiculous, which in turn means that the solutions get much more circuitous. I managed to make it about halfway through the game before I had to hang my head in shame and walk away from the game forever. I now understand that I quit just before the game got interesting, with such crazy items that change blocks’ colors, blocks that don’t stick to anything, one-way gates, blocks that stick to the ground. And of course, by interesting I mean mind-bendingly difficult.

I like to think that by no longer playing this game that I’ve saved my GBA from being smashed into a few dozen pieces.

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