Super Chick Sisters

It’s actually kind of hard for me to talk about games that are created primarily to spread a message. Regardless of the message I can’t help but be interested in it because it’s a game, so I’ll end up playing it for a bit. And since this game is hosted on a site called ‘Kentucky Fried Cruelty’ it’s pretty obvious what the message is.

Super Chick Sisters is a pretty blatant rip off of Super Mario Bros. In fact, the plumbers make an appearance, they’re unable to save the day because they were injured while playing with their new game system (a Wii, natch). So it’s up to two chickens to go after the Colonel for his business practices.

Super Chick Sisters

The game is really pretty generic. You run more or less to the right, rescuing chickens and getting bits of trivia from concerned citizens who are inexplicably standing everywhere. You can get a powerup that makes you bigger. And you fight lots of Colonel Sanders-themed… things.

In all, the game was pretty bland. I only made it to level 2 before throwing in the towel. There just wasn’t a lot of game here, just a message with a couple of cute mascots.

Check it out here if you wish.

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