The Simpsons Hit and Run

I haven’t played any of the games in the recent Grand Theft Auto series, but my understanding is that I’ve played the next best thing with this Simpsons game.

Hit and Run is a driving-adventure game. And what I mean by that is that you wander around a giant city talking to people, getting missions, and then doing the missions, most of which involve driving in some way. It goes on and on like this, with you revealing a little more of the story with each mission you complete.

The story, as it happens, has something to do with a new cola, mind control, and aliens. Standard Simpsons fare.

I got pretty far in this game before I just had to quit. I had to quit because the game got too hard. But the thing is, it wasn’t the difficulty of the missions, exactly, it was the control of the cars. Your cars slip and slide all over the place, and traffic tries to hit you constantly. I guess that’s supposed to add to the realism, but it just made me angry. Especially when I had to restart a mission a few seconds from the end because some random car ran through an intersection and t-boned me.

I may go back and finish it some day, when the rage dies down.

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