Hyper Pac Man

Sure, you’ve probably played Pac-Man likely have played Ms. Pac-Man, and possibly have played Jr. Pac-Man or one of the other myriad spinoff games from the series. But what about one of the most unlicensed games of them all, Hyper Pac Man?

Hyper Pac Man

This version is similar to its predecessors in that you have to eat all of the dots on the screen while avoiding the ghost-shaped monsters. Where it differs is that Pac Man has powerups scattered around the levels that help him along, shoes to run faster, shoes to jump, a helmet to take a hit, and a helmet that fires laser beams. Throw in destructible walls, secret passages, and boss fights every 10 stages and you have just about the weirdest Pac-inspired game you’re going to find.

The game ends after 30 levels and I was able to finish it with just under 10 credits my first time through, so it’s not a prohibitive time investment. I hear it’s also got a two-player mode, but I wasn’t talented enough to play both sides at once.

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