Rally X

What can you do with the concept of running around a maze, collecting things, and avoiding other things? Lots!

Rally X, as you probably guessed, is about driving around a maze, collecting flags, and avoiding enemy cars. You have a radar on the right that shows where your car is and where the flags and enemy cars are, but not the layout of the maze or where boulders are. But you’re not totally defenseless, you can fart out some smokescreens to befuddle the other cars, but it depletes your fuel meter. Run out of fuel or crash into something you can’t collect and you lose a car. So it’s part Pac Man, part Radar Ratrace, and part… smokescreen.

I didn’t really play this game that much. It’s kind of fun for a little while, and trying to increase your flag multiplier to get a high score without running out of gas is a fair challenge, but the arcade I found it in had several games that were more fun.

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