Sega Swirl

A while back I briefly mentioned that Sega Swirl, a freebie game included with multiple Sega products. In saying that it was terrible, I gave it more space than it really deserved, but I suppose I should at least justify my position.

Sega Swirl is a clone of the old, also not very good, puzzle game SameGame. Simply put, you have a screen with different colored elements (balls, Sega logos, or what have you). If two or more of the same color are touching, you can clear them and the rest of the elements will collapse down and to the left. The goal is to make your screen empty.

Sega Swirl gameplay

Saying that this game is terrible may be me lashing out because I can’t think far enough ahead in the way required to win this game. I may be frustrated because my brain does not work in such a way that lets me see enough moves in advance to be successful. Or maybe I feel that the game is too inaccessible and can only be completely enjoyed by a fraction of a fraction of people, and is flawed as a result. But that would be silly.

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