Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

I really liked the two Pitfall! games for the Atari 2600. I liked taking Pitfall Harry on whatever wacky adventures the game designers dreamed up for him to go on. So a few years later a new game game out in the Pitfall! universe, this time starring Harry’s son. Apparently Harry’s gone missing in some jungle or other and it’s up to Junior to find and rescue him.

Since I liked the the original games so much, I decided that I had to play this game. So on one Friday night I grabbed it for a rental. Thinking that the game would be some kind of unique spin on the Pitfall! formula, I instead got a generic ‘run around a huge level looking for the end boss’ game that was actually pretty unremarkable.

‘Unremarkable’ might be overstating it a bit. The game was just kind of generic with Pitfall!-esque stuff tossed in to give it some kind of ‘cred’. But it was just kind of ‘blah’, so I got bored with it real fast. But, the best thing about this game was the ending sequence.

Spoilers, yeah.

In the end of the game you rescue your pop from some kind of Mayan… thing. But instead of updating his look to make him blend in with the game, they used his old Atari artwork.

<sarcasm>Hah! Juxtaposition of new, good looking graphics and old, busted graphics. How hilarious, exciting, and it totally makes a generic game less tedious to play!</sarcasm>

In fact, to save you from actually having to track down and play this letdown of a game, just watch this video.

There you go, you’ve now seen the best moment of this game without wasting hours of your life or any of your dollars.

You’re welcome.

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