Tetris & Dr. Mario

It should be pretty obvious by now that I have an unhealthy affinity for puzzle games, specifically puzzle games that have you arranging things that are falling into some kind of container. So when I saw that I could get two of my favorites for $20, I was pretty well obligated to seize the opportunity.

Tetris & Dr. Mario is, fairly obviously, a combination of the two titular games, with only minor graphical and audio upgrades. Single-player, multi-player, it’s all the same, really. But the real draw is what’s called ‘mixed mode’. In mixed mode you and another player compete in a little Tetris, a little Dr. Mario, and then a little more Tetris. This alone justified the purchase for me.

If nothing else, the game’s just a way to have two puzzlers in one convenient package. And, since everyone knows how to play Tetris, and nearly everyone knows how to play Dr. Mario, it’s pretty easy to pick up and play, too. Bonus.

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