Bloons is one of those Flash games that makes the rounds on the Internet. People tell me it’s awesome, I see my coworkers playing it, and eventually cave in to give it a whirl.

And I almost wish I hadn’t.

Bloons is a very simple game. You, a monkey, are armed with a number of darts and must utilize your cunning (read: trial and error) in deciding what angle and how hard you’re going to throw the darts into a field of balloons. The goal is to pop a certain number (your ‘goal number’) so you can continue on to the next stage.

As the game progresses, special balloons and obstacles get thrown into the mix, but in the end, it just you, a monkey, popping balloons with darts. Really, it’s as fun as it sounds. You can play it here if you’re so inclined. Though you might want to make sure you set aside enough time to fully enjoy it.

Five minutes ought to suffice.

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