Donkey Kong Jr.

It’s pretty obvious from the ‘ending’ of the first Donkey Kong game, that the big ape was incapacitated by being dropped off a multi-story building onto his head. Apparently Mario, being the enterprising carpenter that he was, decided to capture Donkey Kong and keep him in a series of cages in the jungle.

It’s a good thing that Donkey Kong had a son.

Donkey Kong Jr. is easily recognized by the giant ‘J’ plastered on the shirt he inexplicably wears. Donkey Kong himself would later go on to wear naught but a tie, but that’s another story. Jr.’s goal in this game is to climb a series of vines, power lines (?), and chains in an effort to break pops out of jail.

Jr. is almost as fragile as Mario was in his adventure, he can only take one hit and can’t fall more than about 3 feet without dieing. It’s pretty pathetic.

The first two stages are set in some kind of jungle. You have vines to climb, fruit to drop on your enemies, birds that drop eggs on you, typical jungle stuff. The third screen is some weird stage with electricity-themed enemies and computery-sounding background noises. I don’t really understand how this one fits in. The last screen has DK and Mario at the top of the screen, and a series of keys conveniently attached to some chains. Climb up the chains, push the chains into place (while avoiding the birds, of course) and…

Well, you’ll just have to play to find out. Or search the Internet if you’re lazy.

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