Space Ball

Cell phones are somehow turning into a mobile gaming platform. I’m not sure you can even buy a cellular phone these days that doesn’t have a demo of some game or other installed that will try to entice you to buy the full version (or better yet, more games!). The game that came with my LG phone was a little junket called ‘Space Ball‘.

Space Ball is a game that’s a lot like Hustle in that you are controlling a snake-like creature that travels around the screen. Your goal is to clear the screen by collecting all of the balls that are scattered around. Each ball you collect lengthens your snake a bit, but if you collect three of the same color, then they disappear. This becomes important since as you get more segments you run the risk of trapping yourself in a corner. This is bad. Also, if you get too many segments you lose. This is also bad. You also have a time limit, letting it run out is yet another bad thing.

There’s this powerup thingus that appears occasionally that does one of several random things, but to be honest, I got really tired of this game real quick. I played it three times, and the last time I cranked up the difficulty to the maximum (level 20) and won handily. I have no real desire to pick it back up.

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