Anyone that’s had a crappy cell-phone in the late 1990s is familiar with the old Snake game. The game where you control an ever-lengthening line (a.k.a. the ’snake’) with the ultimate goals of: eating all the food (which makes you longer) and not crashing into yourself or the edges of the screen. Hustle is, essentially, this very game.

Hustle puts you in charge of a snake-like thing that meanders around the screen. Your goal is to get the highest score possible by colliding with the boxes that randomly appear on the screen. These boxes will have a point value on them, granting you the amount of points shown. The points might be positive, negative, or the triple question mark, which you won’t know the actual value of until you collect it.

Sounds pretty boring, right? Granted, single-player isn’t all that fun. That’s why we have multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, the game is exactly the same, except that you go head-to-head with another person controlling another snake-like thing in a competition to get the highest score while simultaneously not crashing into the yourself, the edges of the screen, or the other player. It actually made for some decent competition, as there was skill, strategy, and a little bit of luck involved.

You just have to look past the public-domain songs that they chose for the music. Either that or turn the television down.

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