Duck Tales

I was a really big fan of the Duck Tales television show during its original run on television. And since I was also a big fan of video games, it was only natural that when the two interests crossed I had to check it out.

Scrooge was away from his businesses so often that I wondered how he kept anything running with any degree of efficiency. The game plays on this fact and has you taking Scrooge through five exotic locations in a search for exotic and wildly valuable treasures.

What’s weird, though, is how you dispatch enemies. Scrooge isn’t a spring chicken, and walks around with his trusty cane. He can use it to knock rocks around at enemies, kind of like a golf-club. Kind of lame. But he can also somehow use it as a pogo stick. Bouncing on enemies’ heads, jumping higher, and crossing impassable terrain. Much better.

I wanted this game so bad that I told my mom about it for something like three months before my birthday. And finally, on my birthday that year, I got it.

And then I finished it in about two hours.

I was a little crestfallen. I mean, I had pumped myself up for this game so much and had been looking forward to it for so long that I guess I thought it would be a little more challenging. I played through it a couple more times that weekend, but then took it to the local used video game store and traded it for a copy of Mega Man II.

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