Goof Troop

I guess Duck Tales kind of spoiled me for decent cartoon shows with competent video game tie ins. That’s not a bad thing, though. The partnership with Disney and Capcom produced a few more solid games based on some fair shows.

I never really watched much Goof Troop, even though some of the old Goofy shorts are some of my favorite Disney shorts. It just wasn’t my style.

But I’m a sucker for a game based on readily recognizable mascots, and especially so when I was late to the rental store and all the good stuff was taken. So I gave Goof Troop a whirl. The story goes something like this: Keelhaul Pete has kidnapped Pete and his son, so Goofy and his son have to traipse around an island trying to rescue them. Now how one of Pete’s alter egos can kidnap him is anyone’s guess, but we’ll run with it.

What you end up doing mostly in this game is running around the various screens and trying to solve some puzzles to make progress. The puzzles are pretty simple, and they’re mostly the ’slide the blocks around the stage until they land in the right spots’ kind of puzzle. Which, as it happens, I’m really bad at.

Since this game was geared to pre and early teens, the puzzles were simple enough for me to solve, thankfully. I made speedy progress through the game, and in the short time that I had it I managed to get to the last level. I would have probably finished that too, but I ran into a problem. I got to the video rental pretty late on the night I rented it, so I didn’t get a lot of playtime with it that evening. And the next day it was due back in the early evening, so I didn’t quite have it for the full 24 hours. As a result of that I had to take it back instead of finishing it off. And I never bothered to play it again. I figured that buying the game just to play the last couple of hours would have been a waste of dollars. Yeah, I could have rented it again and finished it off, but my two bucks could have also gotten me something else that would keep me entertained for far longer. So the choice was pretty obvious.

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