SimCity 3000 Unlimited

I only really played the original SimCity game on the Super NES and really liked it. But I kind of forgot about the series for a while until I found a copy on clearance at a local game shop and simultaneously remembered that I actually owned a computer.

Apparently I missed a bit in the interim.

It’s still city building, with the same Residential, Commercial, and Industrial zoning. The same making sure that your little Sims have power, building and maintaining roads, taking care of police and fire coverage, that kind of thing. But you also have to worry about building landfills, making sure your Sims get water, and making deals with your neighbors. It’s actually quite a bit to keep track of.

It turns out that I make a really bad mayor of a town. Especially when I have to be the one actually building the plumbing network, the power grid, the transportation infrastructure, manage taxes, and about a hundred other things. Oh, but I have advisors! Advisors who sit around and tell me how wrong I am instead of actually doing anything constructive.

Despite all of that I still played this game a lot. It’s mostly because it’s just about the only game that my laptop that I had at the time would run. So it was either this game or Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire.

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