Super Buster Bros.

You see games with titles like Super Buster Bros. and you may think to yourself, “Was there ever a game called Buster Bros.? The answer in this case is ‘yes‘, but I haven’t actually played that one. It’s just as well, the two games are almost identical.

Buster Bros.

Super Buster Bros is pretty simple, you travel around the world, busting bubbles with your harpoon gun as you go along. Big bubbles burst into two smaller bubbles, and those bubbles burst into two smaller bubbles, and so on until they become small enough to burst completely. If the bubbles touch you, it’s game over, and it’s much easier to dodge a few big bubbles bouncing around than a bunch of smaller ones. Of course, popping the big bubbles also yields powerups, so you have to decide if you want to try and avoid the smaller bubbles in exchange for the ability to shoot them faster.

I’ve never been able to play this game to the end, I usually run out of steam or money at about the halfway point. Perhaps one day I’ll see the game to the end. It just won’t be today.

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