I enjoy using and learning about words. So it would make sense that I would also like games about words. Not only is Bookworm such a game, but it manages to be halfway entertaining.

Bookworm stars Lex, a worm who likes books and works in a gigantic library. He pretty much just sits on the side of the screen while you try and create words out of the Scrabble-like tiles in the main playfield. You can connect the tiles in pretty much any direction to spell words of at least three letters, kind of like Boggle. Once you’re satisfied with your word, the tiles disappear (Lex eats them) and more fall from the sky to take their place.

Occasionally some ‘flaming tiles’ will appear that will burn through the regular tiles every time you spell a word. If one of these tiles hits the bottom of the field, then the library burns to the ground and it’s game over. Seems a bit harsh, but nonetheless that’s the way things go.

The game is ridiculously easy to just pick up and play, and teaches you quite a few new words. Trying to randomly put some tiles together, I spelled ‘qua’ which, unfortunately, has yet to make it into my working lexicon.

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