Do! Run Run

Do! Run Run is the last original game of the Mr. Do! legacy, and perhaps is the most complex (although that’s not really saying much). I also found it to be tied for the worst game in the series, tied with Wild Ride. The best, incidentally, stands at Castle.

Mr. Do! finds himself on a multi-tiered playfield covered with dots and populated by monsters. Mr. Do! now has the ability to draw a line behind him, and if he completely encloses a group of dots within his lines, they turn into cherries. Cherries are worth more points, and facilitate regeneration of Mr. Do!’s ball. A ball which hasn’t been seen since the first game. You can use the ball or the precariously balanced logs to blow up or squish the monsters on the playfield respectively.

The problem I had with this game is that it tried to be too many things. Is it Pac-Man? Is it Qix? I don’t know, but I found it to be a mishmash of previously-explored game ideas that doesn’t really work.

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