There was a time when computers came with an environment to allow you to learn a rudimentary programming language. They weren’t particularly powerful or intuitive or anything, but they got the job done. One of the demos that came with versions of QBasic, the programming environment that came with some versions of DOS, was a weird little game that involved gorillas.

QBasic Gorillas, colloquially known as Gorilla.bas (which was the name of the program file), is a simplistic little game featuring gorillas standing on buildings and exploding bananas.

In Gorillas you take turns with your opponent tossing bananas back and forth, trying to hit each other. You can input the angle and power behind each toss, and if you manage to hit the other gorilla then you win the point.

Yeah, it’s simple, real simple. But it is free, and was installed on just about every computer in every lab that I used during my high school years, so it almost goes without saying that I put in quite a bit of time with this game. Mostly because it’s more fun than WordPerfect.

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