Night Driver

1976 was a simpler time for video games. You, as a developer, could take any activity, no matter how humdrum, and turn it into a game. Let’s take driving a car down a dark road at night, for example. Not that fun in real life, but what if you had a fast car, and it didn’t really matter if you hit anything? Well, then you have the makings of a game that would barely make it as a Flash game today.

Since it’s perpetually night, you can’t actually see the road, but you can see the reflective road boundary markers. You’re going to want to stay between them. You also can see the tail lights of the cars in front of you. You’re going to want to not actually hit them. And that’s it! Stay on the road, don’t crash, get a high score, and you’re a winner! I can guarantee that you won’t get bored with this game after 30 seconds.*

*Not guaranteed.

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