Castlevania 64

Castlevania games, even though they look pretty different from each other, are a lot the same. They all have something to do with Dracula, someone related to the Belmont family line, and whips. But, it’s not as kinky as it sounds.

Every single Castlevania game I’ve played has been Good Times ™, with the exception of this one. It stars you, as one of the Belmonts (I forget which one) or some girl with magic hands. And you have to guide him or her to kill off Drac and his minions.

Since I like some good whipping action, I chose the Belmont as my character, and started in on the game. I made it through the first area outside the castle with not too much difficulty, but when I made it into the castle I had two big problems. One was that whipping in 2D space is pretty easy. Whipping in 3D space is really hard. I had a really hard time aiming my whip slashes, and that made it hard to kill things (though the enemies had no such problems). The other problem, which was huge for me, was that due to the wonky camera angles in the game, I had a big problem judging where the ends of platforms were. This, admittedly, wasn’t that big of a problem until I got to a place where there were bottomless pits. Then it turned into a significantly larger problem. Especially once I got to a place where I’d fall into a pit, then suffer a setback, then spend fifteen minutes getting to the same hole, which I’d misjudge again, and then get set fifteen minutes back AGAIN. Then I took the game out of the 64 and haven’t yet put it back.

3 Responses to “Castlevania 64”

  1. The American Mutt says:

    Worst 64 game EVER!

  2. basscomm says:

    It’s pretty bad, yeah, but it’s no Superman 64. That thing was an abomination.

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