Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

During my stay at Left Field Productions the game that I was assigned to as my primary project was the PSP version of Dave Mirra BMX Challenge. I saw the game come together from blocky test courses with one generic rider to a 9 course circuit, a few different playmodes, and some ‘extreme’ tricking action.

BMX is a racing game and a tricking game. You race three other racers around a track, doing tricks to get boost power (and points, don’t forget about the points). The tracks change the course you have to follow after each lap, making them more than just simple loops. Finish high enough in the standings and you continue on to the next race. Eventually working your way to the Mirra compound for the final race.

Or you could do the trick attack mode. You go through the various stages that you raced on in single player mode, but with a strict time limit. You need to score a certain number of trick points to win. Get enough points and you go on to the next stage. Eventually working your way to the Mirra compound for… eh, you get the picture.

You can also get an ad-hoc game going where you do the above-mentioned modes or capture the crown mode. Capture the crown places a crown somewhere in the level and you have to get it and hold on to it. You grab it from other players by running into them. Hold it the longest and you win. This mode is probably my least favorite of the three. Most of the courses just don’t seem designed with this mode in mind.

Since this is a game that I personally worked on, I’m not going to comment on how good or bad I think it is. I’m intimately familiar with the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything else about this game. You’ll just have to decide for yourself if you think it’s worth playing. I played it nearly daily for several months, and am still alive to tell the tale… so far as I know.

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