Super Mario 64

I have to admit, I was pretty blown away by the Nintendo 64. I never really had a Playstation, and although Star Fox and Stunt Race FX were both pretty good, they suffered from a huge framerate issue. So to have a game that ran in full glorious 3D without without looking more like an interactive slideshow was pretty attractive to me.

I was looking forward to the Nintendo 64 release for months upon months. Ever since I played Killer Instinct 2 and heard the machine proclaim that it was coming to my home (glee!) in ‘1995′ I would seek out any and all information I could get about the system, and since there wasn’t much Internet back then, it didn’t take very long.

Eventually, though, my local Toys ‘R’ Us got several demo units in along with the flagship game, Super Mario 64. I, of course, had to investigate. It turns out that they had five units in the store to play on. I and three of my buddies monopolized four of them for the better part of the morning through early afternoon on multiple consecutive Saturdays. I suppose that might have been somewhat insensitive to the kids waiting in crowds behind us, but that’s one of the advantages of having a driver’s license: first dibs.

The game, though it seems kind of generic now, is to guide Mario through a series of worlds, all represented by paintings in the castle, to get a series of stars and keys. You need these to proceed since they open up new doors to go through.

The game itself is put together really well. It’s still very close to the style set forth in Super Mario World, which is a massive adventure with very little dialog to get in the way. You just hop in, and start trying to figure out how to rescue the Princess without thinking too hard, which, truth be told, is nice sometimes.

I would play this game a lot. So much, in fact, that I would end up wearing out the control stick on my first controller. The game is surprisingly long and the stars you have to find are each hidden in some unique places, most not exactly obvious. It’s kind of odd to think that a game that essentially has you running around a freaky world that doesn’t always make too much sense for the sole purpose of collecting things can be a load of fun, but it is.

And with that, I think I’ve gushed enough for one day… Where did I put those paper towels…?

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  1. Mitch Harden says:

    Wow! Let me hop in my DeLorean and head back to September 1996 and see if I was excited… Yup. I too was over-sold on the N64. And the Game Cube. And now the Wii. So if you haven’t played it, give Super Mario Galaxy a try. One of the best games I’ve played on my Wii.

  2. basscomm says:

    Mitch! How’ve you been, man?

    I actually have tried Galaxy, but I’ve been having troubles with the controls, of all things. For some reason I’m fighting the analog stick, and Mario decides that he’d rather walk into walls or directly into enemies. I haven’t gotten real far in it yet, but I decided to take a break and play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which is totally letting me vent my frustrations over the Galaxy controls :)

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