Pokémon Sapphire

With two Pokémon games under my belt that were fairly similar, why in the world would I want to play the next game in the series? Because I have some kind of compulsion to catch wild animals and make them fight for my amusement, I guess.

Pokémon Sapphire is a whole lot like the other games in the series so far. You take control of some kid that travels the world and tries to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world, oh, and possibly stop the machinations of a power-hungry group bent on world domination. The main differences being that you have a new landmass to explore, lots of new creatures to catch, you can play the game as a boy or a girl, and it’s on a new-fangled system, so it looks a lot prettier.

Yeah, the game’s a lot like the older games in the series, just refined a little more. There are a few additions here and there, like making berries, tag-team battles, and refinements to the breeding system, but it’s largely the same game. Which is fine by me, mostly because the concept was solid to start with, and each iteration just kind of polishes it up a little more.

Now does that explain how I’ve managed to while away over 120 hours at this game so far? Probably not, but that’s OK.

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