Bubble Ghost

You could convincingly argue that there are no new ideas in video games. Snood is a ripoff of Puzzle Bobble, Zuma is a ripoff of Puzzloop, and Tetris… well, they just call Tetris ripoffs Tetris. Bubble Ghost, however, is not quite like any game that I’ve seen before or since.

The Bubble Ghost is a ghost that lives in a castle that is particularly inhospitable to bubbles, there are pointy things, fire, electricity, and fans(?) everywhere. Shockingly, the ghost has a bubble in its possession, and even more shockingly intends to take it through a series of rooms in the castle. You know, the ones with the pointy things. The ghost, as it happens, can’t touch the bubble or anything else, the only way he can interact with his environment is by blowing. He has to blow the bubble around the impressively dangerous castle. To what end? I can’t really say. I couldn’t get through more than a couple of rooms before I gave up on this game completely. Adorable games shouldn’t be this hard!

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