Jungle Hunt

Jungle Hunt was the game that I played the most on my Atari 400. It’s the harrowing tale of a jungle explorer who’s had his girlfriend kidnapped by natives. What to do? Why, rescue her, of course!

You start off you adventure in a tree. You must use your cunning and timing to swing from vine to vine, you miss your next vine and you fall to the ground, dead.

Make it through the vines and dive into the alligator infested river. It’s OK, you have what looks like a penknife to stab the ‘gators. Touch their teeth and you get eaten, dead.

Cross the river and you come to a very large hill that inexplicably has bouncing boulders careening down it. You suddenly have the ability to run, jump, and duck to avoid them. This is pretty important, since touching a boulder is fatal.

Make it up the mountain and you finally find the camp of the two natives that have kidnapped your ladyfriend and are going to make her into some kind of soup. You have to jump over the natives and their spears, you’ve apparently left your knife embedded in the neck of a slain alligator, then you have to jump on your girlfriend, which saves her somehow.

It’s touching, really.

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