Gotcha! The Sport

I’ve never actually played paintball, but if I ever did, I have to believe it would be a whole lot different than Gotcha! for the NES. To its credit, it is the only NES game that I’ve ever played that requires you to use the controller and the light gun at the same time, but I’m getting ahead of myself a bit.

Gotcha! puts you on one side of a paintball, ‘capture the flag’ match. You have to navigate to the other team’s base, get their flag, and make back to your own base without getting shot to win. You, of course, use the control pad to move left and right and the gun to shoot the enemy team. Yep, you read that right, you can only kind of glide left and right, no forward or backward for you!

Here’s what’s going to happen when you play this game: You’re going to play it for a round or two, you’re going to realize that there are dozens of ways you can better spend your time, then you’re going to play something else.

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