I am occasionally amazed at the skill of the folks who put together promo videos for games. They managed to make P.N.03 look pretty enticing, and when I found it at my local Best Buy for less than $10, I couldn’t resist. Although, in hindsight, I dearly wish I had.

The game plays something like this: You run around a room, shooting things in front of you with your super-amazing power suit. Blow up everything in the room and you go on to the next, nearly identical room. After going through so many nearly identical rooms, you’ll fight a boss, get upgrades for your suit, and continue. Occasionally, you’ll get an almost incomprehensible bit of dialog that attempts to further the story.

I did manage to make it to the first boss, and the first save point before I was bored completely out of my mind. Making the heroine of the game sexy and limber with acrobatic moves is a cheap way to get some young male purchases of a pretty lame game.

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