Yeti Sports Seal Bounce

The original Yeti Sports game was pretty dumb, but I guess some people liked it for some reason. Maybe it was because of the insipidly simple gameplay, because there wasn’t a whole lot of skill involved. But it was received well enough that it got some sequels, which added some wrinkles to the yeti-penguin relationship.

One of these is Seal Bounce, a little time-waster that has you, as the yeti, tossing penguins upward in a neverending vertical chasm. Along the walls are seals that will give a little boost if the penguin hits them, you have five chances to make the penguins go as high as you can, and your score is totaled at the end.

Seal Bounce

Since your yeti is on a moving ice-platform thing floating on water, your angle shifts constantly, couple that with the way he winds up to hurl the birds and you have a recipe for not being able to consistently do anything the same way two times in a row, so it pretty much boils down to luck, and playing a game like this long enough to get five lucky penguin tosses in a row didn’t really seem like a good use of my time.

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  1. Heck of a name for a game.

  2. basscomm says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve played this game that I didn’t know I had to register to play games on their site. Check out this welcome email (with original typos intact!):

    Hi basscomm ,

    welcome to yetisports.og

    Your login data is as follows:

    Username: basscomm
    Password: *********

    Enjoy the games!
    your Yetisports-Team

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