Porrasturvat – Stair Dismount

Short and sweet today, here’s an article I wrote up in 2002 about a game that’s still way more fun than it ought to be.

According to the game’s readme, the premise of the game goes like this… “The legendary superhero Spector has found, to his shock, that he cannot write off all the damage he has caused to the city out of his taxes unless he proves that he has sustained significant damage in the process himself! Now it’s up to you to ‘help’ him with this little detail..”

So what does that mean? Essentially it means that you now have a person standing at the top of some stairs just waiting for someone to shove him off. You score points based on the amount and kind of damage you do, with neck damage worth the most. The game keeps track of high scores and can send them to the author’s web-site so you can see how you stack up against other Porrasturvat players.

This game is pretty fun for a while. It’s (probably) not the kind of game you’ll spend hours at a time on, but it’s an awesome time waster.

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