Deja Vu

You play a game like Shadowgate and you might think: “That was fun, but I’d like to play more games like this. A game where I don’t know what’s going on, but have to unravel a mystery.” Well, you’d be in luck because there is such a game. Deja Vu.

The game is presented through the eyes of a detective who wakes up in a bathroom stall, drugged and with amnesia. Turns out that he’s been framed for murder, and he has to figure out who he is and who really committed the murder all before the police put him away for life.

You essentially go around the city, collecting evidence, using drugs to facilitate confessions, and generally detective-ing around, gathering the clues, and destroying the planted evidence. It’s pretty fun if you’ve ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of a hardboiled detective. The only problem? You can’t destroy the good evidence, only the bad. See, to win the game you have to collect all the evidence and dispose of the bits that incriminate you in the sewer. If you try throwing something away that you’re not supposed to, the game won’t let you. So, once you throw away everything that the game will let you, you go to the police station and you win!

It’s a bit ham-fisted for a solution, but rather fool-proof, I suppose.

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