Dr. Mario

Apparently, Mario is something of a Renaissance man. He’s a plumber, a referee, a go kart driver, a golfer, a tennis player, and perhaps most shockingly, a doctor.

Not just any doctor, Mario has the daunting task of ridding various bottles of infestations of red, blue, and yellow viruses. It’s an epidemic, to be sure. Mario, Dr. Mario, has developed Megavitamins that can dispatch these nefarious creatures, but only if you can line up some combination of four ‘units’. Each virus and pill half constitutes a unit, and if four of a single color line up, then they disappear. Complicating matters is that each half of the pills can be any one of the three colors. Your goal, as is the case with pretty much every puzzle game is to sort the pills in such a way that they align with the viruses and make them ‘disappear’. Make all of the viruses disappear and you go to the next bottle, more densely packed with the little boogers.

If it was me, I’d have just poured bleach into the bottles, but that probably wouldn’t have been as much fun.

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  1. DUDE. Dr. Mario is one of my favorite NES games ever. LOVE!

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