Terminator 2: Judgement Day

If this site is nothing else, it should be a lesson to not go to the rental store on a Friday or Saturday night right before they close. All of the good stuff will be gone, guaranteed, and you’ll be forced to play some dreck like Terminator 2.

I saw Terminator 2 the movie and liked it well enough. The Terminators gave off their vibe of being almost indestructible pretty well, so, of course I wanted to be one, or at least control one while he cut a swath of destruction across the landscape. So I picked up Terminator 2 and gave it a shot. It had you taking control of the Arnold Terminator and had to go do the stuff from the movie.

I guess the developers watched a different movie than I did, because this game is nothing like any movie that I’ve ever seen on purpose.

Terminators in the movie are nigh indestructible. The Arnold Terminator in this game is very destructible. Punches hurt him a lot. A robot, with super-strong metal bones, can be destroyed by being slapped around the face by what amounts to meaty clubs. It’s a little disappointing.

I rented this game exactly one time, and in the time I had it I could only stand to play it for one afternoon. I could get through the first part where you run to the right and large groups of identical guys come out of the woodwork and you gently massage them to death. It takes twenty or thirty hits from your super-powered robot fists to down some random guy in jeans and a tee shirt, which is far less than it takes for them to kill you. Seriously, if the robots go down this easy, then that impending war is going to be a piece of cake to win.

After a while, you’ll get to a boss. You can tell that he’s a boss because he’s real big, moves real fast, and you can’t kill him. I said that I played this game all afternoon, and that’s true. I played this game about a dozen times that day and each time I’d get to the boss, and each time he’d somehow manage to stay in a magical area where my punches couldn’t reach him, but his Terminator Disintegrator Fist Technique could hit me soundly every time. Which means that I couldn’t beat him, and that means that I couldn’t get past stage 1. Stage 1!

After that embarrassment I went outside and hit hamburgers with a baseball bat… for distance.

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