Pokémon Stadium 2 GS

Pokémon Silver was a pretty good sequel to a pretty good game. A pretty good game with a pretty good companion game. So it only followed that Silver would have a companion game of its own.

Pokémon Stadium 2 is largely the same as the previous Stadium game, but with a few additions. Most of them are pretty minor, but the one that I was most interested in was the academy. There you were presented with lots of information on just about every aspect of the Pokémon universe. You have charts to show you what’s weak to what. You have lessons on all kinds of battling and breeding techniques (with some canned examples!). As well as detailed profiles of all of the little monsters. You’re going to get more information there than you every thought you’d need to know.

Like the prior game, you don’t get a lot out of this unless you have the accompanying portable title to go with it. It’s designed to be a companion game, so if you judge it purely on its own, then it kind of falls short; there’s just not that much for you to do in it. It’s only when you link to your portable full-on adventure game do you really get the full benefit of this game. And if you do, then it’s really fun and informative. Otherwise you’re going to have that blank “Is this all there is?” look on your face about ten minutes into it.

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