Link’s Crossbow Training

The Wii Zapper doesn’t look much like the NES Zapper. It’s a dual-gripped thing that your Wii remote slides in, and the nunchuk goes in the back. So it kind of looks like you’re holding a crossbow, I guess. So why would you buy such a thing? Probably to play shooting games, and good thing for us, Nintendo has decided to throw one in free with the accessory (or does the accessory come with the game?).

Link’s Crossbow Training stars Link… with his crossbow… running around shooting targets. That sounds kind of obvious, I know, but that’s why I make the big bucks. The game takes place in various locations around Twilight Princess and has a few different goals, depending on the area you’re in. But it basically boils down to either just shooting at targets or running around and shooting at enemies.

The game is really simple and really short. It’s more of a demo to familiarize yourself with the Zapper, but for what it is, it’s actually a pretty solid experience. I’ve only played it one time thus far, and in that time I just played a little of the two-player head-to-head action, which lets you and a friend take turns in a scenario and compete for points. And even though the Zapper looks a little unnatural to hold, it’s actually not too bad, but is it better than using just a Wii remote and a nunchuk without the plastic shell? That I haven’t decided yet.

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