Krusty’s Super Fun House

There have been lots of games based on The Simpsons, and most of them are borderline sadistic in their difficulty. Krusty’s isn’t much different. It’s a whole lot like Lemmings… except without all the variety.

See, Krusty’s Fun House has been overrun by mice, and you have to take control of Krusty to clear out the vermin. The mice just kind of randomly mill around, turning around only when they hit something, and Krusty has to use various implements to lead them on to their eventual demise. Kind of like a Pied Piper without the flute or the tight pants. Though the mice don’t scatter or even acknowledge your presence, so why you can’t direct Krusty to just pick up the mice is beyond me.

For some reason I really wanted to play this game when it was new. I guess I just fell victim to the endless ads and the spread in Nintendo Power. When I finally got my hands on it I realized that the game isn’t all that fun, and even a little tedious. Most of the levels can only be solved one way, and if you aren’t quick about it the mice will go completely out of position rendering the level unsolvable.

I’m really happy that I only wasted a rental on it instead of the full purchase price.

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