Jill of the Jungle

I had never actually heard of Jill of the Jungle until years after its heyday. Turns out that it was reasonably popular and helped propel the company behind it, Epic, to newer and greater heights.

To be honest, I only played the shareware version of this game, and of that I only played one level. It seemed to be a rather standard affair, Jill runs around the huge levels, collecting things, making her way to the end.

I suppose it should be noted that the protagonist is a female, which was still quite the rarity when this game was released in 1992. But other than that, I found it to be a rather standard game. It was a real middle-of-the-road kind of game. Which really means that I didn’t quite enjoy it enough to purchase it. Though I understand that if I ever decide to, the game is still available.

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