WWF Wrestlemania

I’ve followed professional wrestling in one form or another for most of my life. It’s a weakness, I guess. But I’m willing to suspend a great deal of disbelief when watching the shows or playing the games based on the shows. Unfortunately, with WWF Wrestlemania, I’m not able to suspend nearly enough.

I won’t bore you with the nit-picky details, but I will say that this game is absolutely terrible.

Your characters only look vaguely like the people they’re based on, which is understandable given the limitations of the hardware. But the rest of the game? Inconceivable! Your characters can move in the four cardinal directions, but not on the diagonal. There are allegedly special moves, but I could barely figure out how to do more than just punch or kick. There’s no crowd of spectators, which is half of the spectacle of wrestling. There’s no kind of single player mode outside of a tournament. Inexplicably, a health restorative will slide along the top of the screen to collect (sunglasses for the Macho Man, what looks like a port roast for Andre the Giant, and so on).

This game is just… so… bizarre and bad that it’s almost worth playing once so you can marvel at its sucking power. Then you’ll never want to play it again.

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