Solomon’s Key

Dana the wizard is on a quest. He’s out to get Solomon’s Key. It’s located somewhere in a mountain filled with rooms. Likely in the very last and furthest room from his starting point.

Since Dana is a wizard, he’s both frail and occasionally powerful. He possesses the fantastic abilities to jump, create and destroy blocks, to destroy said blocks by bashing them with his head, and very rarely can throw a fireball. Unfortunately, for all of his ferocity, he will die if he’s so much as touched by an enemy operative. This is Bad News indeed for our hero, as there are spots in certain levels that will provide an endless stream of monsters.

Your goal in each room is to: 1. Get the key, 2. Go through the open door, 3. Not die. Unfortunately you can die by either touching a monster or letting your ‘life’ run out (it’s a glorified timer).

After you clear all of the rooms, you will gain Solomon’s Key and something will happen. What that is, I don’t know. I couldn’t make it more than about halfway through the game.

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