Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

I have a hard time keeping up with the chronology in the Castlevania series. The series now spans over a thousand years and represents several generations, locales, and families and is so convoluted that you’re almost going to need crib notes to keep up with it all.

Thankfully, you can understand the gist of what’s happening without knowing the ins and outs of the mythology: Dracula’s been resurrected and you, the descendant of a vampire hunter of old, have to kill him… again. Like most of the games in the series since the 1997 Symphony of the Night, the games have been of the ‘run around exploring a huge castle, fighting monsters to get stronger and having random bits of dialog flesh out the story’ variety.

While you travel around the dungeons, you come across cards which have strange magical abilities, which you can combine to all kinds of things. But the game is really about exploring a gigantic castle, killing things that are already dead with a whip, and deepening your understanding of a storyline that gets significantly more convoluted with every addition to the series.

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